Examples of our projects

Project 1:

Automation of HR management system, control of vacation and absence for RosAtom, Finland (2018)

An interactive system for HR department of large construction project of the nuclear power station in Finland

Reduction of management, recruitment and trainings costs for 15 thousands of employees

Infos about vacations and absences are automatically integrated in the meetings and projects plans in emails, chats and other channels
Project 2:

Creation of Fintech marketplace for Swedish — Russian mobile phone operator Tele 2, Sweden/Russia (2015)

Automated selection of business providers, personalized offer of services to customers

Automated control of quality of provided services and prevention of frauds

Tele 2 became a Russian leader of Fintech services with 5 Mio users, annual revenue of USD 250 Mio, 1'000 transactions per second
Project 3:

USSD app for management of bank accounts and credit cards offline for Alfa bank, Russia (2012)

Smartphone app Alfa-Dialog for checking without internet of account balance, account statements, blocking of debit or credit cards. Single access code related to the Sim card of the phone. Service available even in case of a full blackout of internet in city or country.

Flexible system of portal management allows to include new functions, change the old ones, and implement the new services that generate additional income for the bank.

Monthly fee from users generates millions of USD. Bank became a leader in this field with «Russia's only one complete USSD-banking system» (Banki.ru, 09.08.2015).
Project 4:

Automation of credit risk assessment system for Russian regional bank – Promsvyazbank, Russia (2012)

Interactive tool for fast and reliable credit risk assessment for corporate and private clients

Significant time reduction, improvement of quality of credit risk portfolio, frauds prevention, weighted and reliable approach to allocation of assets, definition of pricing and required securities
Project 5:
Automation of management and control of parking places, payments and frauds in city of Moscow, Russia (2011)

For users: unique smartphone app allowing to find an available parking place any time, to pay online with personalized tariffication per category of population, no payment for residency parking, simplified measures in case of first fraud

For city authorities: single, centralized and interactive tool allowing to collect money on time, better allocation of available parking places, limitation of parking in super center, better traffic in city, decrease of frauds and litigations

Management of 100'000 parking places, 10 Mio of SMS per day, 2 Mio of payment transactions per day

Project 6:
Creation of Mobile advertising platforms for largest russian telecom-provider MTS to managie advertising campaigns, consisting of targeted advertising, Russia (2010)
One of the proven ways to increase the income of the operator is addition of commercial advertising to the existing channels of communication with subscribers. To implement such a solution, Eyeline proposed implementation of mobile advertising platforms, which allows managing advertising campaigns, consisting of targeted advertising. The platform consists of the following Eyeline products and modules:
SMPP Proxy
SMS/USSD centre

All platform components interact with each other and connected clients by API, allowing, if required, to automate processes for managing mobile advertising. In addition, on request, by means of Data Adapter modules, Eyeline can perform integration with existing data sources to fill the subscriber profile that can be used for targeting / personalization of advertising. Usually it is CRM, DPI, and so on.

All components of the platform are adapted to the operation in a virtual environment under the control of Linux. The platform does not require the purchase of third party software licenses.
The platform was integrated in MTS network. Today, the monthly volume of processed transactions exceeds 1 billion. Advertising is added to the following channels:
USSD balance inquiry service
SMS notifications from a service "Who Called" and other similar services
SMS distribution
Mobile applications

All main types of targeting are implemented: sex, age, APRU, geo targeting, operational information on connected services, packages and options.

In the near future, integration with sources of operational data and expansion of supported channels in the direction of mobile internet and applications is planned. Those sources will identify the current interests of subscribers.